Free Queer Movies

Das Queer Filmfestival Leeds @leedsqueerfilm hat eine Liste mit queeren Filmen erstellt, die ihr alle umsonst im Internet findet.

LGBT BritainThis colourful and challenging collection explores screen representations of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender lives over the past century.
Iris Prize film library30+ Welsh short film including Côr Blimey by South Wales Gay Men’s Chorus, which documents the choir’s successful journey to compete at the Cornwall International Male Choral Festival.
CineQ watch partiesCineQ are hosting watch parties each night at 7pm
National Film Board of CanadaNFB have tons of free films to watch on all kinds of topics, including LGBT films from all different genres; animation, documentary, fiction, experimental, etc
Short of the WeekCatalogue of LGBT short films including previous LQFF faves Landline and Pink Boy
Love IntersectionsLove Intersections is a media arts collective made up of queer artists of colour dedicated to collaborative filmmaking and relational storytelling. They produce intersectional and intergenerational stories from underrepresented communities – centering the invisible, the spiritual, the metaphysical and the imaginary. This collection includes previous LQFF faves Carla & Hayfa and Regalia: Pride in Two Spirits.
Danny’s ParadeIf you are fourteen years old – and gay – life can be boring. It drives Danny Hoekzema from Bovenkarspel up the wall. Many of his friends are still in the closet and meeting someone in a pub is out of the question. So Danny, who no longer makes his sexual inclination a secret, bends things to his own will. He plans to participate in the annual gay event in Amsterdam, the Canal Parade. For this purpose, he arranges a gay boat for teenagers.
I Am A GirlEvery 13-year-old girl dreams of that nice, but hard-to-get, boy. And Joppe is no different, consulting her friend on how to ask Brian out. But just how should she tell him that she was assigned male at birth?
ShakedownShakedown chronicles explicit performances in an underground lesbian club in Los Angeles. The story functions as a legend where money is both myth and material. Cumulatively, questions arise about how to diagram the before and after of a utopic moment. Directed by Leilah Weinraub. The first non-adult film to stream on pornhub (in case you were wondering about the link)
BalaclavaQMore than 60 queer artists films. Balaclava.Q is an international queer visual art project & collective that seeks to connect, promote and create platforms for queer artists.
West Yorkshire Queer StoriesWest Yorkshire Queer Stories has been gathering oral histories from a diverse range of LGBTIQ+ people across the region, as part of an archiving initiative supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and Yorkshire MESMAC. Part of their collection includes films and videos.
Now TV7 day free trial with a bunch of LGBT movies available. Includes A Moment in the Reeds, previously shown at LQFF 2018 „While helping his father renovate their summer home, Leevi meets and falls for Tareq, a Syrian architect turned handyman who is building a new life in Finland. A sensual and romantic take on human connection.“
MisdirectionCamila is your average college freshman with obsessive-compulsive disorder and a big, gay crush on her roommate.
Francis Bacon: Fragments of a PortraitFrancis Bacon’s paintings have been called sick and corrupt. He has also been hailed as the greatest British painter since Turner. This film study – Bacon’s first appearance on BBC Television – shows his work and its sources, and critically assesses his paintings.
Leo: Becoming a Trans ManAssigned female at birth, 15 year old Leo is one of the first children in Britain to be prescribed a new treatment – hormone blockers – to help him achieve what he feels is his natural gender identity of becoming a man.
Olly Alexander: Growing up GayIn this eye-opening film, popstar Olly Alexander explores why the gay community is more vulnerable to mental health issues, as he opens up about his own long-term battles with depression.
Queer BritainIn a bid to understand what queer is and why it is becoming an umbrella term, Riyadh meets the people who use the label. From the iconic queer club night Sink the Pink to the trans man educating others on masturbation, Riyadh finds himself amidst a queer revolution.
The Black Lesbian Handbook10 part mini series – a lively guide to the underground Black Lesbian scene in Britain and the US.
Queer As FolkNot a film obvs but all episodes available to stream free – Set in and around the Manchester ’scene‘, this groundbreaking Channel 4 drama written by Russell T Davies, documents the lives and loves of young gay men Stuart, Vince and Nathan
Feel GoodAlso not a film but all episodes available to stream free – The series follows recovering addict and comedian Mae, who is trying to control the addictive behaviors and intense romanticism that permeate every facet of her life.
The BisexualYeah we know, another TV series (not film). Leila takes a break from her decade-long relationship with her partner Sadie and begins to explore her own bisexuality, though she struggles to come out to her friends.
My Prairie HomeIn this feature documentary-musical by Chelsea McMullan, indie singer Rae Spoon takes us on a playful, meditative and at times melancholic journey. Set against majestic images of the infinite expanses of the Canadian Prairies, the film features Spoon crooning about their queer and musical coming of age. Interviews, performances and music sequences reveal Spoon’s inspiring process of building a life of their own, as a trans person and as a musician
Riot Not DietA short film by Julia Fuhr Mann, 17 min, 2018
RIOT NOT DIET creates a queer feminist utopia far away from BMI norms and male* gaze.
The fat women* and queers in this movie are not ashamed of their expansive body dimensions, but confidently claim space for themselves.
They use their bodies to blow up patriarchal structures and enjoy their corporeality beyond the neoliberal logic of exploitation.
In times of self-optimization, your belly is a statement!
Step Up And Be VocalA documentary by Uta Busch and Sandra Ortmann. 2001, 60 minutes, English with German subtitles.
Interviews from 1999 with some queer artists, activists and bands about queer punk, feminist concepts and actions. Filmed during a trip to San Francisco.
Chocolate Babies(1996) The first major production from Stephen Winter, a perpetual upender of queer cinema, Chocolate Babies is an outlandish, effervescent portrait of queer New Yorkers at the height of the AIDS crisis. For all its rip-roaring flair, the film’s emotional core still packs a tender wallop.
gal-dem Chosen FamilyDocumentary series produced by gal-dem, the new media publication, committed to telling the stories of women and non-binary people of colour. „Over several weeks we followed artist Travis Alabanza, performance artist Chloe Filani, artist Joy Miessi and writer and DJ Aisha Mirza on personal journeys that underscored the importance of relearning and engaging with queer history and the power that can be found in historical precedent.“
Paris Is Burning(1991) This Sundance prize-winning documentary is an intimate portrait of 1980s Harlem drag balls: a world of fierce competition, sustenance, and survival.
Dragtime1997 feature documentary about the lives of NY drag artists Varla Jean Merman, Candis Cayne, Lady Bunny and Lypsinka.
Welcome To My Queer Bookstore2009 short documentary. Located in Taipei, Taiwan, Gin Gin’s Bookstore is the one and only bookstore dedicated to the LGBTQ community in the Chinese-speaking world. The director explores the lawsuits and the discussion this iconic space has ignited, as well as its place in gay culture: hosting numerous public forums, book signing and promotional activities for queer films and television shows.
The Japanese SandmanBoth wry travelogue and heartbreaking tale of love lost, The Japanese Sandman adapts a letter William S. Burroughs wrote to Allen Ginsberg in 1953.
Night Star(2007) Traditionally, Zulu woman were barred from household chores during menstruation, and the maidens were isolated in the girls hut, a time for rest and contemplation called Ukuya Enyangeni, „going to the moon.“ Lindiwe’s dreams are disturbed by her desire for the Amamqhikiza, her „guide“ during this time.
Enraged by a Picture(2005) Enraged by a Picture features a photography exhibit that causes a stir and provokes an outcry on a subject that is particularly taboo: being black and being a lesbian.
The Infamous T(2017) The Infamous T examines an intimate year in the life of Jonathon, a young gay man finding himself while living at the intersection of queer and black identities and struggling with a lifetime of homelessness. As he struggles to balance his family of origin and family of choice, stay in school, and be his most authentic self, Jonathon discovers that home is more than four walls, and friendship can transform us.
The Performance of Drowning(2011) On a trip to „Crippled Children’s Camp,“ Terry Galloway falls for the deep-end swimming instructor, nearly drowning as she learns to perform her newly discovered queer, differently-abled identity in the Frameline36 animated film The Performance of Drowning.
If She Grows Up Gay(1983) A blue collar African-American mother, talks about her pregnancy and raising her daughter with her lesbian lover.
Safety In Numbers: A Trans HistoryWhat was it like to be transgender before there was such a thing as a trans community? Pioneers who grew up in the 1950s and 1960s reflect on their personal experience, while young people in the community today offer their own stories.
Two Spirits(2007) Joey Criddle is a Two Spirit man fighting with other LGBTQ Native Americans to reclaim the place of honor that many Two Spirits once held prior to colonization. The film follows Joey as he leads parallel lives – one as a co-director of the Two Spirit Society of Denver and the other as a father attending the Mississippi wedding of his Pentecostal son.